About Us

The Web Refinery

Founded in a small beach town in Southern California (2013), the Web Refinery was born out of passion for people, their businesses, and most importantly, their sites! 

The Web Refinery is 100% committed to people before business. We strive to bring each person who comes to us for a site a new puzzle piece that will fit perfectly into their life. We're more than just a web development company, we want to improve your life!

Personal Support Custom Sites  Feature Rich 

There are endless ways to approach marketing and website creation. We prefer to make it a bit more personal by getting you involved. Our goal is to make your heart and passion appear on every page of the sites we make. After all, it's your site, not ours.

With that in mind we typically get to know you first, then your business! From there we determine together what the goals of site should be (more exposure/sales, more function, etc). Then we work on a design that represents you -- a collaborative process. We wrap up every site by running it by our User Interface Testers, who give us a non-biased review!