Standard Features

  • Fully Responsive - Having a responsive site means that your site will appear picture perfect on every device: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • Custom Designs & Colors - Your site will be unique to you! That means special colors, images, and designs that match your business and personality.

  • Standards Compliant Code - Blah blah co-wah? We just mean that we do things by the book, which means things will work and Google will like you!

  • Advanced Security - We take pride in keeping your sites safe with password protection, spam control, security logs, certificates and much much more, but we can’t tell you, because then you would know what we did!
  • Multiple Page Designs - Sometimes people want a site that is congruent and synced throughout. Sometimes people want every page to be special and different. We do both.

  • Traffic Analytics - We watch how many visitors your sites gets, where those visitors go, and what they do on your site, which is all great for finding how we can target your audience.

  • Site Backups & Restores - Ever had a hard drive crash? Was it backed up? If so, then you know why this is of the utmost importance!

  • Advanced Caching - Caching makes your site run faster and work more smoothly. We just do a little extra!

Add-ons & Other Features

Have things that you want to sell? We can create you a site that does that, or even a site that works like an entire store!

Want a site that people have to sign up for? Or maybe want to create paid subscriptions? We can do that!

Do you do stuff? Well then show people the stuff you’re doing and have them sign up, join in, or add it to their calendar too.

Get specialized forms, contracts, waivers, etc. that are savable on your site, so that people can come back and update them when they have time.

Publish all your musings, photo’s, videos, articles, and more right on your very own blogosphere!

Present your photos, movies, and videos in stunning galleries that will make your work stand out in a beautiful way.

If you want to have a monthly or weekly newsletter or email campaign, we can set that up to be automated, give feedback, and metrics all with a custom design!

Want to take a vote? Well then take it from your site and display the results right away!

Have visitors that might not speak English? We can take care of that with our automatic translation integration.

You can have your site linked to every social media outlet, which will allow you to make a post on the site and have it be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more in just a click.

Have a business that requires coordination and planning? Take all the work out of it with our appointments functionality. Send out reminders, take payments, schedule vacations and more!

Get an internal website for employees only where they can find help documents, post questions, get help and even chat live.

Are you looking to take payments for products, downloads, donations, etc? We can do that on just about every payment gateway.

Forums, an oldy but a goody! You can get forums added to your site, which is perfect for discussions or support.

Test out two versions of a site or landing page to see which one is most effective for driving sales or turnover.

Get a built in support system with full-fledged ticket tracking and updates along with an integrated FAQ.

Want people to be able to find you or your offering easier? We can integrate maps onto your site to make it happen.

We can add content to your site for people to have access to. For instance, a podcast, or a pdf of a contract, etc. that can be downloaded.